Student Accommodation Quiz

So, you’re about to enter the world of student property for the first time and think you have the wherewithal come through unscathed. Before you brave the storm test your knowledge with our Student Accomodation Quiz. The quiz covers all aspects of the student property arena from the basics to tricky legal issues. It should take no more than 15 minutes to complete and you will get a nice shiny (electronic) badge to put on your blog or website so that the whole world can share in your success. The following grades will be awarded; 90-100% - Student Property Mastermind, 80-90% - Student Property Whiz, 70-80% - Student Property Expert, 60-70% - Student Property Professional, 50-60% - Student Property Novice, 0-50% - Rogue Landlord’s Dream.

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3 students share a house under a joint tenancy. All three have TVs in their rooms and there is a communal TV in the living room. How many TV Licenses are required?