Solicitors close to Archway

Listed below are 8 Solicitors that regularly undertake conveyancing work on properties in the Archway area. Clicking on their name will take you through to their website. Alternatively you can send a request to several of the listed solicitors by ticking the box next to their name and clicking on the "Send a Message" box.

Agent Phone Address
Alban Gould Baker and Co 020 7607 5085 405-407 Holloway Road, N7 6HG
A Nicolaou & Co 0845 8324386 393 Green Lanes, N4 1EU
Barnes & Partners Solicitors 020 7241 5577 50 Stoke Newington Church Street, N16 0NB
Egole & Co 020 7686 1060 Tom Egole House, 283 Hornsey Road, N19 4HN
Henry Boustred & Sons 020 8348 5223 18 Highgate High Street, N6 5JG
Guney Clark & Ryan Solicitors 020 7275 7788 60 Green Lanes, N16 9NH
Rahman 020 8802 5544 33 West Green Road, N15 5BY
Wilson Barca Solicitors 020 7272 2072 8 Archway Close, Archway Road, N19 3TD

Get a conveyancing quote for your Archway property

If you are buying or selling a property in Archway and would like to obtain a quote from a local solicitor for the conveyancing work you can contact one or more of the solicitors listed with a single e-mail. We have listed only independent local solicitors that have considerable experience in their field and that are familiar with Archway. We would recommend contacting 2 or 3 from the list. Try clicking through to their websites to see which ones would be most suitable for your purpose.

Advice on choosing a solicitor for your Archway Property

We would always recommend using a local solicitor for the conveyancing work on your property. Although large conveyancing specialists may be able to do the job slightly cheaper they will not be as accessible as your local solicitors. Things rarely run smoothly when buying or selling and the delays involved in sending documents through the post can be stressful during the days leading up to an exchange.

With conveyancing firms you will not generally have a single point of contact which again can be very frustrating if problems crop up or there are delays. It is comforting to be able to pick up the phone and speak to your own solicitor when you need reassuring on a particular matter.

For more detailed advice read our article "Guide to choosing a solicitor".

Information on Archway

Archway is located to the north of London in the Borough of Islington and derives its name from the prominent bridge (known locally as suicide bridge) that visitors pass under as they approach the area via Archway Road from Highgate.

The most prominent building in the area, although unloved by many of the residents, is the overbearing Archway Tower located on Junction Road. Standing at a height of 195 ft the building’s designers opted for function over style. The building has been immortalised in song by New Model Army wrote. The Tower is currently leased to the Government so the public cannot take advantage of it single benefit; the views. Archway has its own Underground Station on zone 3 of the Northern Line. The station is due to be made “step free” over the next couple of years with the installation of passenger lifts.