Who supplies my Gas and Electric?

Tenants are generally responsible for the utility bills and a problem that new tenants often have is finding out who supplies their gas and electric. First check with your letting agent or Landlord to see if they have the details on filealthough the previous tenants may have changed suppliers without letting anyone know.

If the previous tenant has informed the utility companies that they have left then this should automatically generate a letter to the property addressed to “The New Occupier”. This will confirm details of who the current supplier is and ask you to provide your details for the new account.

If after you have been at the property for a couple of weeks you still haven’t received anything in the post you should try and find out who your supplier is by other means.

The 'M Number Enquiry Line' (formerly Transco) provides gas consumers with a dedicated telephone number to establish who is the current registered gas supplier at their premises. The M Number Enquiry Line number is 0870 608 1524 

You can find out who your electricity supplier is by contacting your local electricity distribution company . You should ask for their Meter Point Administration Service (MPAS). If you are not sure who the company is contact energywatch

The most important thing to remember is to take the meter readings as soon as you move in. If you have a camera handy use this to confirm your reading in case there is any dispute later. If it is in a locked box you will need to pop down to the local plumber’s merchants to buy a key, they are a standard fit.

Finally, don’t forget to give your details to your water supply company and Council Tax Office. Some properties, particularly newer ones, will also have their water supply metered. It is not possible to change your water supplier so in the London region it will be Thames Water

If you would like some tips on how to reduce your energy costs give this post a try. 

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