Viewing Lettings Properties Checklist

The following is a list to help you to be thorough when viewing properties and to remind you of questions that you should ask later if you decide to take the property.

  • Are any of the bills included (usually not on a self contained property)?
  • Is it clean, if not will it be cleaned prior to the tenancy start date? Check the places that are often forgotten by the previous tenant such as the oven, the cooker hood and the toilet.
  • Is it secure? Is there a security lock on the front door? If it is a ground floor flat are there window locks. If there is an alarm fitted is it in working order?
  • If the property is furnished make a note of any additional items that you require. You may be able to request these as part of the negotiating process.
  • Does the property have the appliances that you require; washing machine, dishwasher and dryer, fridge/ freezer?
  • Is there a shower. Does it have sufficient pressure?
  • Are there any obvious repairs that need doing? Note them down and request them to be done prior to the tenancy starting.
  • Are there any external sources of noise such as busy roads, train lines, pubs? You may need to re-visit during busy periods to see if you can live with it.
  • Is there allocated parking? If not is parking on the roadside restricted to residents only and will you be able to get a permit?
  • Does it have access to the garden? Is it private or communal? Who will be responsible for maintaining it? (usually the tenant)
  • What type of heating does it have, gas or electric?
  • If there is gas you should be given a copy of the current gas safety certificate when you move in.

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